Celebrate National Textiles Day with custom upholstery in Barrie

May 3rd is celebrated as National Textiles Day. It was started in 2016 by Valley Forge, a company dedicated to creating sustainable fabrics. This day has been chosen to mark the enormous value that textiles bring to our lives. Because aside from meeting our daily needs for clothing and upholstery in our homes, fabrics also offer considerable opportunities for innovative designs.

What is so great about custom upholstery?

With changing lifestyle needs of the upwardly mobile, the emphasis on custom upholstery is now greater than ever before. Below are some unique factors that uphold the need for custom upholstery.


A home is an extension of the people who live there. Hence, it should be a reflection of their style, taste, and preference. All must be considered when creating or designing a space, from the home’s architectural structure to the smallest decorative details. There are so many elements that define the look of a home and turn it into a warm, cozy shelter. Of these, upholstery is one of the most important ones. But what are the first things that come to mind while choosing the right upholstery for home? These are color, durability, and style. So this is where custom upholstery steps in. It allows one the creative freedom to pick the contrasting fabrics of their choice for upholstered furniture, drapes, and bedding.


Custom furniture is quite popular and in-demand because no two homes are alike. When choosing a piece of furniture for the home, one must keep in mind its orientation to the rest of the space. It helps in determining the correct depth, height, and width of the furniture that will complement the room best. Additionally, custom furniture also takes into consideration the size of the doorway or stairwell of the house because it is not just enough to accommodate the furniture in its designated place. One also has to bring the item through various doors and perhaps carry it up a staircase. So considering the size of the entry points of the furniture is as essential as determining the size of the space it would occupy.


Coordination is the key to a well done-up home. With a plethora of available designs, one can choose furnishings that complement other upholstery, furniture, and color theme of the house.


How to select a design that suits your space

Consider the needs and the size of the space

Considering the lifestyle needs is essential to selecting a commensurate style for the space. For example, if one has a very busy lifestyle, they must go for maintainable furnishings. In contrast, office spaces may opt for something more aesthetically appealing.

Choose a design theme

Your living space and furniture must have a design theme. And the furnishings must be coordinated in perfect harmony with them.

Consider the budget

Talking to an interior designer will help determine the budget and avoid unnecessary surprises afterward.


Have you heard of the Custom Upholstery Program?

When talking about custom upholstery in Barrie, LFI Design is the most trusted name. Our main supplier for the Custom Upholstery Program is Brentwood, the well-renowned custom furniture manufacturer. The clients can browse the website and purchase directly through us. If the client does not find items that cater to their needs, they can get them customized to the last detail. For example, a client had a daughter who was allergic to down feathers. When purchasing the couch, the client could check or choose what type of material is inside the upholstered sofa to avoid an allergic reaction. So, if you are on the hunt for custom upholstered furniture in Barrie, look no further.

Celebrating textiles day is a very innovative way of appreciating the importance of fabrics in our lives. So make use of the Custom Upholstery Program and order the latest designs, styles, and materials here at LFI Design in Barrie. Contact us today for more information!