Deciding what height to hang your chandelier or pendant over your table can be a little confusing. A simple rule, generally followed by designers, is that the bottom of the fixture should hang 30 to 36 inches above your table top. Chains can always be extended or shortened to accommodate higher, or lower, ceilings.

It’s key to keep in mind what your tabletop is made of before you purchase a fixture. If your table has a glass top, make sure your chandelier directs light upwards (uplight) to avoid glare. Fixtures like our Silver Orb Chandelier would be great over a glass table top. If your table has a wooden top either downlight or uplight will work. Pendant lights like the Tunnel Black Pendant Light throw downlight and would be perfect over a countertop or solid tabletop.

No matter which you choose, a chandelier or pendant will add sparkle and warmth to the space. Check out all the lighting and more in our SHOP.