Whether in choice of colours, materials, patterns, or fabrics, many homeowners embrace the timeless, evergreen appeal of a natural and minimalistic interior aesthetic. In almost any room, it’s the largest features—floors, walls and windows—that tend to command the most attention. The design of these elements, in particular, demands careful planning in order to ensure a cohesive, coordinated look.

The basic construct of draperies has not changed appreciably since ancient times. However, when it comes to panel drapes, interior design specialists invest a great deal of care into choosing just the right tone and pattern—not just for optimal beauty, but also for enhancing the depth of colour and visual “softness” of a room.

This coming year, linen is expected to continue its enduring reign as a popular drapery choice, prized for softness combined with a substantial weight that effortlessly conveys warmth and elegance. Linen also lends itself well to the addition of decorative enhancements, including edge-bands, borders, and ribbons.

However, the real excitement for draperies in 2021 takes the form of Dupioni Silk. Dupioni marries the finest thread in the warp with uneven thread reeled from two or more entangled silkworm cocoons in the weft. The unique and delightful appearance that results is courtesy of small slubs that run horizontally throughout the fabric to produce a finish that’s at once tightly woven and highly lustrous.

Incomparably soft and luxuriant, Dupioni Silk arranges itself effortlessly into beautiful folds that emit a soft yet vibrant sheen. Incorporated into curtains and draperies, it’s the definitive choice for rounding out schemes grounded in art deco, neoclassicism, and others.

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