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To be a successful interior designer, you need plenty of creativity, a keen grasp of the space-purpose relationship, and the confidence and skills to transform your visions into reality. The fact is, the vast majority of us do not have talents like these at our everyday disposal!

While we can’t turn you into a design guru overnight, we CAN offer up this list of design mistakes you should be making every effort to avoid. Keeping them in mind will help you transform any room from bland and uninspiring to a space that’s sure to impress.

In love with a certain fabric or hue? Set it off to best advantage by introducing some carefully contrasting colours, textures, and patterns.

Make a low ceiling look higher by choosing the furniture to scale. Draw the eye upward with tall, slim bookcases, and be sure to mix low-profile items and accessories with taller pieces to create visual balance and interest.

It’s hard to relax in a room with too many accessories! Rather than trying to display every item you own, choose a special few pieces that are interesting to look at and will work to amplify the room’s overall mood and aesthetic.

Don’t be afraid to intersperse the knick-knacks and smaller items with a few large statement pieces. For the best results, place these bigger pieces first, and then play with the look by filling the spaces between them with small and medium-sized items.

Fake greenery, no matter how “realistic” it looks, can make any room feel stuffy and dated. It’s also a relentless dust-collector. Whenever possible, stick to the real thing.

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