Many people believe that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, but British inventors first demonstrated the feasibility of electric light as early as 1835. For the next four decades, scientists around the world continued to refine the concept, variously tweaking the filament and the atmosphere surrounding it. However, the resulting bulbs cost too much, used too much energy, and didn’t last long enough to be of practical use.

Around 1879, Edison pioneered a bulb that could burn for 1,200 hours—a design that endured for the next ten years. Though minor improvements continued to be made, by the 1950s, the fraction of an incandescent bulb’s energy being converted into light was still only about 10%.
The first compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) illuminated the scene in 1973, promising remarkable energy savings in the midst of a global shortage, but their astronomical production costs discouraged the major electric companies from running with the technology. The CFLs that eventually came to market in the mid-80s were bulky, expensive, unreliable, and insufficiently bright, but modern CFLs have improved in terms of performance, price and efficiency.

However, NONE of these options can hold a candle to today’s LEDs! Typically less than a millimeter wide, LEDs convert electricity into light via a miniature semiconductor, with the average bulb lasting for 50,000 to 100,000 hours—40 times longer than the average incandescent. Compared to older bulbs, LEDs are cooler, safer, and brighter (yet also easily dimmable).

Available in every color and adaptable to virtually any layout, the applications for LEDs in interior design are limitless. They are easy to install and, once in place, rarely need to be changed. Best of all, they offer remarkable long-term energy savings that more than offset their higher up-front cost.

From the master bath to the basement media room, LFI Design can help you take advantage of the proven benefits of LED lighting—saving you money while showing off your spaces to dramatic advantage. Our award-winning designers can’t wait to share their bright ideas with you, so call us or drop by our showroom in person today!