Like much of the year that’s already passed, this holiday season is going to be different from any we’ve known before. Who could have predicted we’d be expressing our affection for those we hold dear by effectively avoiding them? However, just because the vibrant, often noisy celebrations many of us typically indulge in will be somewhat toned down, there’s no reason for our surroundings to be!

In fact, the very opposite holds true. Whether you’ve enjoyed it or chafed against every second, all that extra time at home has enabled us to become intimately familiar with every detail of our surroundings. The appreciation and pride we already felt for certain features of our homes have been amplified, while those furnishings and finishes that we have perhaps been less fond of (or downright detested) have become harder than ever to ignore.

This presents the perfect opportunity to shine a light on the good—and to make improvements to the not-so-good. Although we don’t know exactly when, one day soon we’ll be free to once again welcome friends and family into our homes that have truly been our sanctuaries in 2020.

At LFI Design, we’ve got everything you need to make your home shine throughout the holidays and beyond! From beautiful art work to fresh new flooring, and from the smallest projects to more major renovations, we have everything you need to make your home sparkle! Be sure to visit our SHOP and see for yourself. Watch for our floor model sale, coming in February.

We hope to see you soon. In the meantime, may thoughts of that not-too-far-off day when you can once again be surrounded by your loved ones warm you, comfort you, and inspire you to make your surroundings as cozy, lovely and welcoming as they can possibly be.

Have a safe and happy holiday!